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Custom Synthesis

Medinoah has worked with our clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for more than a decade. Our chemist team has delivered numerous innovated synthesis of complex molecules. We have tackled challenging problems including multi-step (>10 steps) syntheses, preparation of air or moisture sensitive substances and synthesis of complex molecules with novel scaffolds and multiple stereogenic centers. Medinoah has a team of more than 100 chemists working in state-of-the-are laboratories and using powerful analysis and separation technology and instruments such as NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS and preparative SFC, etc.

Our R&D department and project management department work together to make sure the progress is on track therefore timely delivery of projects. Have been keeping high degree of delivery rate and product quality, Medinoah has maintained long-term cooperative relationships with many pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Exclusive Focused Libraries

  • Diversify your chemical assets
  • Expand hits
  • Explore structure-activity relationships

Custom Synthesis (milligram to kilogram)

  • Key intermediates and building blocks
  • Analytical standards
  • Reference materials
  • API impurities
  • Metabolites
  • Stable isotope-labeled compounds


We always insist on providing high-tech, high-standard and high-quality international standardized services for global pharmaceutical enterprises.

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