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Full-time equivalent (FTE) service

Medinoah has a team of highly skilled medicinal chemists and synthetic chemists along with comprehensive advanced R&D equipment and  other R&D resources. Through our CRO management model, we have constructed a high-tech, high-efficiency, high-adaptability chemical synthesis platform. We are always providing the best quality with cost efficiency in order to help customers advance their drug development.

Design and Synthesis of biological interesting compounds:

With expertise in early target identification, hit-to-lead optimization and patent strategy, Medinoah chemists understand the needs of our clients and deliver drug candidates that meet targeted profiles. We have experience with a wide range of therapeutic areas and collaborative working styles, and are well equipped to advance your programs towards the ultimate success. 

Rapid Process Amplification:

With independent process development team, kilogram-scale laboratory and analysis platform, we offer efficient transfer between synthetic R&D department and process R&D department, where it quickly provides customers with process amplification and optimization of candidate compounds, from grams to kilograms scale.

Flexible Business Model:

Flexible single or cross-cooperation mode is based on customer needs. R&D staffing, experimental plan, and project priority can be flexibly adjusted according to project goal and progress. Our R&D department communicates directly with customers about the progress of the project, whilst our project management department controls the progress to ensure the submission of milestone results. The entire R&D process is clear and controllable with effective communication, as well as flexibly adjusted schedule based on customer and project needs.

Strict Quality Control Procedures:

Medinoah analytical department has a variety of advanced analytical instrument, including liquid chromatography, liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc., We utilize multiple analytical methods to ensure our quality. Medinoah’s R&D department, analytical department, quality assurance department and project management department have multi-level quality control procedures to ensure that each batch of products released is reliable and meets customer requirements.


We always insist on providing high-tech, high-standard and high-quality international standardized services for global pharmaceutical enterprises.

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