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Medinoah Platform

Medinoah provides integrated drug discovery, development, pilot-plant production, and GMP manufacturing services. Chemistry is delivered by highly qualified scientists and our expertise extends across asymmetric hydrogenation, ADC Payloads-Linkers, PROTAC and molecular glues, etc.

Our discovery teams work in state-of-the-art labs equipped with cutting-edge technology and collectively bring deep understanding across diverse chemistry specializations and CRO/CDMO environments. Medinoah also provide solid analytical chemistry support and efficient data/compound management through all phases of drug R&D.

Medinoah’s clients can access our synthetic chemistry services by choosing a full-time-equivalent or a fee-for-service model. We gratefully accept all inquiries for stand-alone chemistry projects, no request is too small.

Asymmetric Hydrogenation Platform

  • Asymmetric C-C bond formation and hydro-functionalization
  • Enantioselective catalysis screen
  • Track record of improved chiral selectivity in complex molecules

ReThinking PROTACT™ Platform

  • Started PROTAC CRO/CDMO service in 2013
  • One of the earlies CROs/CDMOs in PROTAC field
  • in silico design capability
  • Key intermediates provided and applied in 5+ clinical trials worldwide

ADChem Platform

  • Expertise in conventional and/or highly tailored linkers in the scale of kilogram
  • Synthesis, process fine-tuning and manufacturing of ADC payloads
  • (non)/cGMP synthesis, analysis and regulatory filing of the drug-linker complex

Analytical Testing

  • Standard: HPLC, LC-MS, NMR, GC, optical rotation, melting point, stability
  • Physical and chemical: moisture, ash, loss on drying, pH, ignition residue, heavy metals
  • Structural analysis: structural identification of impurities, separation, purification and structural analysis of forced degradation products
  • Quality Research: method development and validation; potential genotoxic impurities, related substances, elemental impurities; stability study (ICH) and release testing

Key Instrumentation

  • Bruker AVANCE 400 MHz NMR
  • Waters Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)
  • Thermo U3000 HPLC (Detector: DAD/VWD/Refractive Index)
  • Agilent 1260 HPLC
  • Waters E2695 HPLC
  • Shimadzu LC-6A prep-HPLC
  • Agilent 1100/1260-6125C LC-MS
  • Perkin Elmer SCIEX 4000 QTRP LC-MS/MS
  • Agilent 8890-7697 GC (headspace)
  • Shimadzu QP2020 GC-MS
  • Agilent GC-MS/MS
  • Agilent ICP-MS 7700X
  • UV (Cary60)
  • IR (is5)
  • Polarimeter


We always insist on providing high-tech, high-standard and high-quality international standardized services for global pharmaceutical enterprises.

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